Saccomaniacs Agriculture for Autism Golf Tournament & Tradeshow 2019

As part of the golf registration fees, each golfer must bring a minimum $25 gift card. Cards may be for restaurants, liquor stores, local family businesses, your favourite shop.


The gift card tree works like this:

There will be four trees created: every person who brings 1 gift card receives 1 gift card tree ticket, which gives the ticket two entries (one for each draw).

  • Two entries are drawn at dinner, with 2 winners. Each winner takes home 1 tree, which will have ¼ of all the gift cards.
  • The other two trees will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

If every golfer and dinner guest brings a $25 gift card, that is 200 - $25 gift cards ($5000). Two lucky people could take home a $1250 gift card tree! (Final value of gift card tree to be determined at the tournament. Value based on number of people participating)


Volunteers, suppliers, sponsors – everyone welcome to participate. You don’t have to be there to win!


Preferred Gift Cards (thanks to our sponsors!)

White Spot


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