2022 Ag4Autism Scramble Tournament & Awards Dinner











... the course

Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club

You are invited to pledge a certain amount payable to the charity for every birdie and/or eagle made during the golf tournament ... watch this short video  to find out how!

Tax Receipts

  • Each person or company who purchases a golf or fishing spot will receive a partial tax receipt issued by the registered Canadian charity -  Pacific Autism Family Network  -   Amount to be determined after tournament as allowable by Canadian Revenue Agency.
  • The tax receipt is issued to the name on the payment method (ie, name on credit card or name on cheque). Therefore if one person pays for a the team, that person receives the tax receipt. If a team chooses to pay individually, then each attendee will recieve a tax receipt.
  • The person who pays receives the tax receipt - a CRA tax receipt rule. 

NOTE: Sponsorship is GST Exempt and does not receive a charitable tax receipt. 

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