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• Hosting a booth allows you to interact with every golfer on one golf course

Non golfing business leaders, this is your opportunity

• Opportunity to host an activity, sample food and beverages, showcase your business

• Tournament will provide 1 – 8 foot table, linen table cloth, 2 chairs, 10 * 10 pop up tent (should you require a tent), snacks and non-alcoholic beverages during the tournament

• Booth size can be any size you need – you will have an outdoor teebox - gives you lots of space to be creative

  • No power available – should you need power rent a quiet generator

• Maximum of 2 people on course to host tradeshow booth.

Suggested on Course Activities:

Most companies have food and beverages at their booth

  • The food can be sample size - or any size you wish – some companies even bring chefs!
  • Beverages served maybe alcoholic or Non – alcoholic
    • We can never have too much water, soda, or interesting beverages
  • Should you wish to serve beer, wine or spirits, ensure you have coordinated this with the tournament director, Dawn Donahue.

The event has a Special Occasion license, therefore we are allowed to bring in beverages…. We prefer to showcase the Fraser Valley and BC products

Activities have included;

  • Business Card draws
  • Golf activities – longest marshmallow drive, chip in the net, hit the grid, tee off with the opposite hand, choose your driver (i.e., a baseball bat, squash racket)
  • Corporate Activities – spin the wheel, trivia, hula hoop contests, Lego, Jenga, guess the number of jelly beans in a jar

Please email with details of activities and any food and beverages being served. Should you need ideas or help, Dawn will be pleased to assist.

Click here to register your Expo or Tradeshow and Sampling Booth:





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